About Us

Everyone has a story right? Well here's ours.

Have you ever just been sitting somewhere thinking and an idea popped into your head and you're like oh that's a dope idea. Next you start acting on that idea and researching and then before you know it, you're on to something great. Yeah, that's what it was like with Essential Excellence Co. 

From the owner's point of view:

For most of my life I've had a major struggle with self-esteem and confidence. It wasn't that anything was wrong with me but I viewed myself and unworthy and never enough. I always felt that my cousins and friends were prettier, could dress better, were just all around more amazing than I was. Of course, it wasn't true but I do surround myself with some pretty great people. 

It wasn't until my late twenties that I really started to take a stand in my life and realize the potential that I possessed. Everyone always told me how smart I was, how pretty I was, how well I could sing, and so much more but I finally decided that it was time to actually believe that. 

One day I was just sitting around thinking about how I could make a difference in those who struggled with similar issues and the idea popped in my head. I wanted to start a lip line because the lips are one of the essential parts of our bodies. Everyone sees them and we have to take care of them. So I set out on an adventure of making lip balm. I never sold it but I did give away some of the ones I made and they were pretty awesome. 

I let that die off because I didn't put much effort into it but from it came the name, Essential Excellence. Many don't know but my first name is Eula, I was named after my great grandmother. Around 2017, maybe (my memory throws me sometimes), I changed my photography name to E. Cherise. The E's just fell in line. Essential Excellence by E. Cherise.  I kept thinking about the purpose and vision behind it so I figured starting a blog would be great. It was during my process of creating a blog website that I came up with the tagline "Helping/Encouraging/Inspiring others to excel at the essential things in life. 

Being that I'm far from perfect, I didn't consistently tend to the blog so there was another lesson learned. I kept thinking of what I could do that would fall in line with what I wanted to do with Essential Excellence and from there I moved into candlemaking early 2019. 

It started right before Mother's day and I began testing and researching. For Mother's Day, I picked a few special women in my life and made gift boxes for them and they included my first set of candles that would be witnessed by anyone other than my family and my mother. 

They loved them and ever since I've been working to perfect the craft of candle-making. It picks me up knowing that the scents I have mixed and created make people feel great. Candles make for a good accent or accessory when it comes to relaxing, cleaning, prepping for the day, etc. It was the perfect fit and as you can see here we are today. 

I have so much in store for Essential Excellence and Candles are only the tip of my iceberg. I want to spread joy and love to as many people as I can. I want people to love on themselves and feel good about life. I want people to be the best versions of themselves and with that comes a lot. However, I just want to start with the essential things in their lives just like I'm doing with mine. So grab a candle and take this journey with me.

~Be Bold, Be Confident, Be You~