Escape | Oakmoss, Sea Salt, & Driftwood

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es·cape | /əˈskāp/ 
a: break free from confinement or control.
b: to get free of or break away from
This light scent sweeps you away to the coast of fresh winds. It is airy yet woody with top notes of sea salt and citrus, mid notes of cedar, and base notes of oakmoss and dark musk. It takes you away from all of your worries and drifts you to a nice warm beach with a cool breeze.
Soy Wax Candle
Hand-poured in Southeast Georgia

Sometimes you have to break free from the worries of the world. Many times we get so caught up in life and forget to just sit and relax. We work and care for others until we burn ourselves out like a candle at its wick end. We have to learn to take a few moments to inhale and exhale and escape to our happy place - wherever that may be.